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About Calvin MacDonald

Cal MacDonald is a retired airline pilot who resides in Mukilteo, Washington. He was born in Stoneham, Massachusetts in 1938. After graduating high school he attended North Eastern University in Massachusetts and received his Civil Engineering degree. After college, Cal joined the Army through ROTC and attended Army Flight School. He was on active for duty four years and three of these years were spent flying in Europe. In 1965 after completing his service with the Army he was hired by Northwest Airlines. Cal spent his entire 33-year career with Northwest and flew several different aircraft including the Electra, 707, 727 and DC-10. He earned his captain status on the Electra and retired at the age of 60 as captain of the 747.

Cal married his wife Valerie, a former Flight Attendant with Northwest Airlines, in 1969. They lived in Minnesota on Lake Minnetonka for 15 years and raised their two children Heather and Chris. In 1984 Cal moved his family to Washington State. At their new home Cal spent his time flying, building his magical outdoor arboretum and helping others. With his passion around flying he has helped others get over their fear of flying by volunteering for the local “Fear of Flying” clinic for over 20 years.

Cal is active and enjoys the outdoors. He has a passion for skiing, hiking and sailing. He continues to hike the trails near his home, sail the water when occasions asrises, and ski the slopes of the Washington Cascade mountains, (he has even continued to hit the slopes with with his grandson the last two years since his diagnosis) and sails the water when the occasion arrises. Cal summitted the iconic Washington volcanic peak Mt. Rainier (14,411’) at the age 70 in the summer of 2008 with daughter, son, other family members and special friends.

In January 2009 at the age of 70 Cal was diagnosed with stage IV Gastro-Esophogial cancer and given a life expectancy of six to eight months. Prior to this, Cal had never spent one night in the hospital. Since his diagnosis he has been fighting the cancer with nutrition, exercise, positive thinking and conventional treatment. He entered radiographic remission after five months and his cancer remained in remission for nine months.

Nutrition and cancer

Scientific work shows that there is a well-founded suspicion of the importance of the diet when it comes to the development of cancer.

(Source: Kræftens Bekæmpelse)


Sweet but good

Eat chocolate - in moderation about 40 grams of chokolate 70% cocoa a day.

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