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Cal and Chris chose to focus on nutrition during Cal´s cancer. It´s hard to know the exact role of the 4 smalll and it´s hard to say whether diet really does play a role. Cal´s oncologist says: "maybe it does". Cal and Chris are convinced that the 4 small in combination with the big 3 created a synergistic effect in relation to Cal´s results. It´s important to emphasize that Cal´s and Chris´ way to fight cancer is not the only way to do it, but in this section you have the opportunity to get insigt in their effort and routines during Cal´s cancer. Hopefully you will be inspired.

In the beginning Cal and Chris experimented with foods and their starting point was a list of foods, which Cal was suppose to eat on most days. The list is long and it was impossible for Cal to eat it all during his chemo therapy since he had a reduced appetite and felt nausea. Therefore, the aim was that Cal should eat the foods from the list during a period of 2-3 days. Some days, one just does not have the energy to get through the list and then the most important thing is just to eat - get energy. Eat something you feel like eating. It can stress the body and mind to focus on preparing healthy foods, if the energy is lacking. Use the list of foods and combine foods as you like. Play with the taste buds and create your own recipes in the fight against cancer.

NN = Non-Negotiable, or put another way, REALLY should happen on most days, and we shoot to have all of these foods included over a 2-3 day period.

Spinach: What you can get into one big hand full for juice, and the same amount flash cooked in the evening (1-3 min in boiled water, or on the wok pan) and then added to the food processor routine, or to the veggie wok dish. (NN)

Brussels Sprouts: Got to get these. Try in juice, half raw and half flash cooked (boiling water for 1-2 min) use 4-6 of them. Then steam some (3-5) for 5 minutes and try eating as a side dish with olive oil adding to the food processor bean broccoli soup mix. (NN)

Kale: 2 cups or what you can get in one big hand full juiced + flash cook some in evening (NN)

Watercress is also very good, small handful added to juice.

Red Cabbage: Juice 2 cups, also 1-2 cups flash cooked and added to soup food processor dish.

Broccoli: Two cups in juice, half raw, half flash cooked. Then 2 cups in your stir-fry wok dish at night or the food processor bean broccoli soup mix. (NN)

Cabbage (green and white): 1 cup of each in juice and also flash cooked 1-2 cups (2-3 minutes) then added with broccoli and cauliflower to your food processor bean soup mix. (NNA)

Garlic: NN. You want to do a lot of this. On your fresh garlic, note that the active ingredients in garlic are released when crushed and assimilated better when dissolved in a little olive oil. The store bought pre-crushed garlic is a last resort, for convenience, as some of the molecules will be lost for sure. I suggest 5-10 cloves a day. Crushed garlic and onions can be pan fried on low heat 3-4 min in olive oil, before adding veggies, broccoli, spinach and other stuff (mushrooms). Remember the broccoli and spinach get 3-4 minutes not more.

Dried Seaweed: Soak in water overnight. We want to go after KOMBU and WAKAME seaweeds, as in laboratory studies they both provoke cancer cell death via apoptosis and stimulate immune cells, including Natural killer cells. Nori is also good to add as it contains good amounts of omega 3 fatty acids, which are good for anti-inflammation. These can all be eaten raw after soaking or added at the very end of your veggie onion wok dish, last 2 minutes. You can add your turmeric mix to them and eat them raw. Make a dish with mushrooms and these seaweeds, with turmeric mix, and garlic and drink green tea and you have a massive killer. (NN)

Mushrooms: These are key. We want to go with fresh ones when we can but the dried can be o.k. too. The fresh ones can be placed in a pan with nothing else, non-stick high quality pan, and they can be cooked on low heat (3) and they will simmer in their own juices for 5 min. If you have another pan going with your garlic, onions, scallots, you can then add the mushrooms at the same time that you add your spinach and let that be mixed up for 2-3 minutes. We want to be doing mushrooms every day. The ones we want are: king oyster, Maitake (these two are NN), shiitake, enokidake, cremini, and portobello. I suggest 2 cups of King Oster and Maitake every day.

Yellow Onion (immature if possible, but all will work): One a day in your wok mix, chopped up and cooked on low for 5-6 minutes in olive oil together with green onions and garlic. (NN)

Green onion (immature if possible, but all will work): One a day (NN)

Celery: Add to juice, together with zuekini.

Red, yellow, and orange peppers: Two of them in the juice and the other into the dinner routine or, on the side with his turmeric hummas bread. (NN)

Green Tea (HIGH QUALITY, GYKURO, Sencha & matcha): Keep doing what you are doing, but get the high quality teas, and do the extract in at least half of the cups a day. (NN)

Tumeric/curry, black peper, olive oil: Keep doing what you are doing. (NN) It is super important that every time that you do a Turmeric mix, or dose in food that you also include green tea, drinking a cup of green tea or doing an extract. The reason is that all laboratory research indicates that there is a very important synergistic effect of curcummin (active anti-cancer molecule in turmeric) and EGCG (active anti-cancer molecule in green tea). They seem to work with each other and when together cause significant adipotosis (cell death of cancer cells), and have an enhanced antioxidant effect when done together. Some research has shown that the best sequence is to do EGCG (from green tea) then shortly after curcummin. You can play with this. Do a strong cup of tea with an extract or two, and then 5-10 minutes later, do the curcummin. My guess is that it is not going to make a big difference, and the biggest key is to remember to have these two cancer killers playing with each other. Also important to note that most curry power mixes will only have around 20% Turmeric content, so it is important to add a BIG tablespoon or 2, to the curry mix, and olive oil and crushed STRAIGHT black pepper. Most of moms pepper shakers have a pepper mix, with several types of pepper corns. This is fine, but make sure you get a jar of straight black pepper as well, as it has the highest concentration of “pepperine”, the molecule needed to get curcumimin into the plasma in the blood stream, and thus down to the cancer cells.

Tomatoes: Add one can of the fresh small tomato, organic to the food processor routine. Can be heated up with the beans before going into the bean broccoli soup mix.

Carrots: Add some raw to juice, and cooked ones to the bean broccoli soup mix.

Walnuts: Great, one handful with your pre-juicing routine, together with high quality cod liver oil. The brand I bought is good, refrigerate, and replace often.

Almonds: Great with hazel nuts and other nuts as snacks. Fresh organic flax seeds 1-2 TBSP ground in coffee grinder. Add to oatmeal, and as described in email add walnuts, hazel nuts, and prunes to oatmeal, while cooking.

Grapes (RED): One big bunch into juice and eat 2-3 cups fresh (NN) as long as we can get them.

Berries: These are great detoxers, loaded with antioxidants (boosting your immune system, and increasing your Natural Killer cells), and they block angiogenesis, and they contain molecules that can cause apoptosis (kill the cells directly, by reprogramming them to commit suicide. So they are key in our arsenal. (berry routine is NN), thus time to get the top loader freezer for garage.

Blueberries: 1 cup a day (NN) more is fine, use as snacks

Blackberries: 1-2 cups a day

Raspberries: 1 cup a day (NN)

Strawberries: 1 cup a day (NN)

Cranberries: Dried, organic, make sure there is no oil or cane sugar added. 100% organic dried berries.

Cherries: Eat 1 cup a day (NN) as long as you can get them.

Grapefruit: Buy organic. Peel the skin on one and just eat it like you tried, put 1 into your juice. As long as it is organic you should wash and then USE EVERYTHING on it, the entire skin and all. (NN)

Orange: 2 a day. Use 2 in juicing, again organic, wash and then just scrap the outer layer off, leaving all of the white. Use EVERYTHING, eat one fresh some days as well, peeling just the skin off eating the white  (NN)

Lemon: 1 a day in juicing and lime, (citrus peel, white part) + fruit (NN)

Lime: 1 a day in juicing and lime, (citrus peel, white part) + fruit (NN)

Canalope: Remove some of the ripe fruit from the center with seeds, and then peel the skin off, but keep as much of the rine as possible and juice, or add to oatmeal. Do 1 or ½ a day.

Pomegranates: Fresh is great. A glass of HIGH QUALITY, 100% pure organic pomegranite juice is good too.

Herbs & Spices

Chili pepper:
Fresh chili peppers, chop them add onion and garlic.

Organic chili powder or flakes.

Ginger: Keep doing lots of this in your juice. Ginger is a POWERFUL anti-inflammatory, which is key for us, as cancer can not grow without inflammation processes. Ginger is also a powerful antioxidant, MORE POWERFUL than vitamin E. Ginger can also block angiogenesis (creation of new blood vessles), and again, cancer clusters can not advance if they can not make this process happen. You can also do grated ginger or strips into food dishes, like with vegetable dish, like your evening mushroom veggie mix. (NN) Also add ginger to evening meals.

Milk thistle: Extract, is in the life extensions mix, and you can take one capsule of whatever Val buys.

Chrysanthemum: Only organic, might be very hard to find.

Mint: Just fresh, juice, add to salads.

Thyme: Fresh, pick leaves off of one or two twigs per dish. If ground in jar buy organic, max 1 tea spoon, flavor is very strong in ground form.

Marjoram: Fresh, pick leaves off of one or two twigs per dish. If ground in jar buy organic, max 1 tea spoon, flavor is very strong in ground form.

Oregano: Fresh, pick leaves off of one or two twigs per dish. If ground in jar buy organic, max 1 tea spoon, flavor is very strong in ground form.

Basil: Fresh, pick leaves off of one or two twigs per dish. If ground in jar buy organic, max 1 tea spoon, flavor is very strong in ground form.

Rosemary: Fresh, pick leaves off of one or two twigs per dish. If ground in jar buy organic, max 1 tea spoon, flavor is very strong in ground form.

Parsley: fresh. Juice (big bunch, as much as you can get between two hands, stocks and all, chopped (handful) finely and add to foods for one meal. Flash cook (2 minutes) with spinach and broccoli to the dinner routine. (NN)

Coriander: Cumin: dried, small glass as whole dried seeds, grind in coffee grinder.

Avoid, which you already do

- refined foods (wheat and white breads)
- sugar
- fried foods
- pickled foods
- processed foods

Smoking is unhealthy

43-60% of cancers of the esophagus, larynx and oral cavity are caused by smoking.

(Source: Kræftens Bekæmpelse). 


Onion every day

Eat garlic and onion - fresh onion and garlic are the best sources.

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