Chris about "F**k Cancer"

A few questions and answers about the program and project F**K CANCER, with Chris MacDonald.

Why the name “F**K Cancer”?
I think Mark Twain, one of America’s very best writers put it well when he said:

“Under certain circumstances, urgent circumstances, desperate circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.”
- Mark Twain, a Biography

When my father heard the words; “you have cancer, a lot of it, it is very advanced, very aggressive; and basically you have a big mess inside you. We cannot cure you, and you are going to die of this and soon”; the first thought that went through his mind was, “f**k”. Although I do believe it has never been investigated, I would guess that when people hear the sentence, “you have cancer”; “f**k” is one of the most common words that run through their minds.

When I received the news that my father was ill with terminal cancer, and realized that I now had to prepare to say goodbye to my best friend and hero, my dad, and that he likely would not survive more than months, the first thought that went through my mind was “f**k”, and I needed to say it. Fallowing a long day of shock and almost non-stop crying, I finally resolved to the fact that this cancer was going to take my dad out, but not without a fight, and I committed to fucking with his disease in every way shape or form that I could. As I got on a plane to go home to my father to begin the battle with him, I thought once again; “f**k cancer”, I thought, “f**k with me, I f**k with you”, yes cancer had become “personal”. I committed to learn everything I could about this disease, how it develops, how it progresses, and what weaknesses it might have. I wanted to understand and learn of any way we could f**k with cancer to make its ultimate goal of killing my father difficult. I remember thinking, “fair enough cancer, you will kill my dad, but in return I am going to do everything in my power to make your existence while you kill him as miserable as possible, and in conjunction with chemotherapy we are going to do some serious killing of our own before this battle ends.” We have always known we could not win the war, but we also became convinced very quickly that we could win some serious battles. And indeed we have done everything we can to f**k with this disease, and will continue to do so until the war is over. Only when we understand what cancer is can we begin to appreciate how dangerous and formidable an enemy it can be, and how we can fight it. I have learned to respect this disease, but not enough to say I should not swear when talking or thinking about it. My basic opinion when it comes to cancer is that it is one of the shittiest diseases ever to face mankind and the more we can do to f**k with it, the better.

“F**k” was also the first word to come out of my father´s mouth when he learned the good news in June, 6 months after his disease, that he had managed to do what less than a couple percent of people in his case have been able to do, pushing his Stage 4 esophageal cancer into full radiographic remission, where there was no evidence of disease.

So yes f**k is a strong word, but this is a story, based on strong emotions and a strong and nasty disease. In my opinion there are a few places and times where the word f**k is appropriate, one of them in conjunction with cancer.

Where did the idea for the documentary come from?
When I received the news that my father in all likelihood only had a few months to live, I immediately decided to start filming him as much as possible. I do not have children and thus I knew that if I do have children in the future, they likely would only know my best friend and hero through film, which is much better than nothing. As the journey continued and the good results came in and we began to learn so much about just how much one can do to influence one’s disease, DR showed a real interest in telling the story. Both my father and I spent a lot of time deciding whether we wanted to share such a private story with the general public. In the end we decided that if Cal’s story could inspire others to begin living a life empowered by a positive mind set, ample exercise, good nutrition, and good rest habits, which we know can dramatically reduce the risk of developing many terrible diseases, including cancer, that it would be well worth it.

Why this website?
When we decided to go ahead with a documentary about Cal’s story, we also decided that we needed to commit energies to help make important information available for others, and to making it easy to understand and use. That is the aim of this website, and we hope to see this site grow and the concepts will be taken to the next level with the newly formed partnership with Kræftens Bekæmpelse.

The aim of this site is to provide a place to gain extra information and inspiration to fight and prevent cancer. One of the major challenges we faced when my father was diagnosed was accumulating enough information in a format that was understandable to make it possible for us to take a very proactive role in fighting the disease. We felt great being in the hands of the very best professionals in regards to my fathers chemotherapy, one of the BIG 3 (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation), but these where not areas that we could play a direct role in. I was convinced that mental training, exercise, nutrition, and optimizing rest & recovery could also play a direct and indirect role in fighting the cancer. I have worked for years with the power of these factors to enhance athletic performance and to help people gain more energy in their lives, but I had never worked directly with them in regards to cancer. I had a reasonable understanding of cancer when my father was diagnosed, but it was not nearly strong enough, so I dove into the research and read everything I could get my hands on, both in relation to prevention and what role these 4 elements (positive mindset, exercise, nutrition and good rest) could play when an individual is battling cancer. I spoke to as many experts as I could and I continue to do so. It was super inspiring to take this journey, but it was also an astronomical amount of work, and I was surprised how hard it was to find, synthesize and then translate the information into an understandable and usable format for my father. Both Cal and I agreed that great efforts need to be made to make information and applications more available to people in an easy and understandable format, and that is the goal of this site, and will be the goal of the larger project being put together with Kræftens Bekæmpelse. We will be updating this site continually and build more and more information and inspiration into it every week, so keep an eye on the site.

Cancer claims most victims

Heart disease has been the most common killer in Denmark through many years. However recent statistics from Sundhedsstyrelsen show, that cancer is the disease that claims most victims at this point in time.

(Source: Kræftens Bekæmpelse). 


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