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We have received our news. The scan result gave us some positive and not so surprising negative news. On the positive note, nothing has changed especially with the main tumor, liver and vital organs. These key areas are still quiet and all other vital organs show no evidence of any disease. The two new spots requiring the chemo apparently didn’t change much. This leads us to believe that the old chemo drugs may have lost some of their effectiveness. So after six weeks on the old chemo we have decided to try a new chemo cocktail for eight weeks which begin on May 12th.

The side effects of the new chemo are suppose to be less, but I am still a little tired. But this is going to stop me! I am actually kind of excited to try something. More than ever it is GAME ON!!!

When I look at the big picture I have had four weeks of radiation followed almost immediately by six weeks of the old chemo and now we are into eight weeks of the new chemo. So it doesn’t surprise me much that I am still a little tired.

My shoulder seems to be better and I am getting more sleep in a bed. Though the view from the recliner is beautiful I have to say the bed is a lot more comfortable.

All in all our anti-cancer routine is making a huge contribution. The five key elements to fighting this battle (Nutrition, Mental, Rest, Spiritual and Physical) are playing a major role. From a nutritional stand point it is a combination of eating the good stuff and staying away from the bad. The traditional medicine is obviously the big guns here, but I know these additional anti-cancer key elements are doing a lot and I like it!


Tobacco causes cancer

At least 40 different substances in smoke of tobacco are known to be carcinogenic.

(Source: Kræftens Bekæmpelse). 


Sweet but good

Eat chocolate - in moderation about 40 grams of chokolate 70% cocoa a day.

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