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We always knew we where going to loose the war, and that we where looking to win battles, and we never expected to be able to pull the time line out as long as we have. We feel so blessed that Cal has defied the odds as long as he has. Unfortunately we now enter the final phase of Cals battle. Fallowing 10 months of total remission, Cal had two relatively small tumors show up in his abdominal cavity. His liver and other areas where the original phase 4 esophageal cancer was, where still clear, so he jumped back on the original chemotherapy that he was taken off when he went into surprise remission in July last year. After 3 rounds, a scan showed that the two tumors where unchanged, indicating that the cancer either was a totally new critter, or metastasis cell clusters from his original cancer that had developed resistance to the chemotherapy.

The decision was made to try another chemotherapy cocktail. Cal went directly into this treatment, and this chemo hit him much harder than the original cocktail. It is hard to say why, maybe it was just a cocktail that his body just really wanted to reject, or maybe it was an accumulation of the previous drugs and this one, but either way it absolutely kicked his ass. He simply struggled so much with nausea and loss of appetite. He was not really able to keep eating the way he had been and lost quite a bit of weight and energy. We did everything we could to keep his calories up and to keep his energy up by getting out and walking, but he simply got weaker and weaker. It has been a very hard 3 months where Cal has gone down hill day-by-day energy wise and functionally.

Based on a scan 3 weeks ago, which showed no change in the two tumors, and toxicity from the chemotherapy, (cirrhosis) in the liver, a decision was made to take Cal immediately off of chemo, and call the treatment game closed, due the fact that the two tumors where not responding and Cal had developed significant toxicity from treatment. Cals liver and kidneys simply have had enough of the chemo, and they just are not functioning properly. This is the tough side of this disease, that treatment is often as hard on the body as the disease itself, and when you have a resistant set of cancer cells, and the bodies own defenses are trashed from chemo, then you have a loose-loose. The combination has just been too hard for Cal’s body, and it has just decided to say, “that is enough”. We do not have any regrets. We are so thankful for all the help Cal has received from his oncologist, who has done everything right in our minds, with the information we have had. Things just have not panned out, and Cals body has had enough. Cal is in the dying process now, and he is totally ok with this. He is curious about death, but of course is disappointed that things have taking such a rapid turn downhill. We certainly did not expect things to go bad so fast, but that is what can happen with this disease and the treatments that are necessary to fight this nasty shit. As I said in the documentary, when we got the good news that Cal had gone into remission, the disease is still there, and it is just trying to figure out what the hell we did to it. That is the bummer with cancer, and cancer treatment, that once you close one door on cancer, it finds another, and then you try to close that, and it finds another, and eventually there are too many doors open and no way to close them all. All the more reason for everyone who is blessed not to be battling cancer to wake up and smell the coffee and realize that there is so much we can do to prevent this nasty disease. For those who are battling still, Cal and I wish you all the strength in the world. Remember that Cals cancer is an incurable cancer, and a very aggressive cancer. He was given a very short time line, and he has blown it out of the water. This just shows that treatments can and do work and that the things you can do to mobilize your bodies own resources also work, so keep the fight up.

I know Cal hopes that no one feels he has let them down. We know that Cal’s story is an inspiration for many, and he so wanted to be able to keep the fight up longer, but the body has said no. I am going to miss my conversations with my dad. I am going to miss the man who has inspired me to be a better man.

Smoking is unhealthy

43-60% of cancers of the esophagus, larynx and oral cavity are caused by smoking.

(Source: Kræftens Bekæmpelse). 


Berries in your Smoothie

Eat berries - Especially cranberries and blueberries. Berries can be eaten all year around and can be used in a tasty Smoothie.

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