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“It has been a beautiful life. I expect death to be something nearly as beautiful. I have no fears of death, only curiousity. I am very ok with this process, or I am in a shit load of denial”. Cal MacDonald 2 days before death.

My father died at 20.18 (CET) Tuesday the 29th of June. He died in my arms, in his home, with my mother and sister forming a circle around him. He died on his terms, and finished this battle on his terms. No hospitals, no feeding tubes, even though all the oncologist said 1.5 years ago that he would need one within 4 weeks, and there was no way around that. In the end, the treatment and the disease proved to hard for his body. The liver failure combined with cumulative effects of the earlier chemo and this latest chemo after his remission and the disease that came back with resistence to chemo drugs, simply shut the body down. My father used very little morphin, crazy little, and he never complained. He lost all his strength and eventually movement and the ability to talk the last 2 days. But he maintained his sense of humor, even though he could not talk. He accepted death, and welcomed it. It took time as his body was so strong, his heart just kept going. It was the hardest thing I have ever witnessed or care to witness, but when it is unconditional love, you just go through the moves with the person you love. It was a death with dignity, grace and I can officially say my father is the bravest man I have ever meet, and I have meet many brave people. It meant a lot to him that his story has touched so many lives, and he wishes everyone strength and begs for people to remain focused on prevention of this nasty disease. He told me in the end this disease would kill him, but in doing so, it would kill itself. Living proof that self-serving motives end in destruction. He said, in the end I will kill this shit, and it will be on our terms, not the diseases terms, and he held that word. It was all inspiring to be a witness to. An honor, but hard. Now the soul bleeds and Cal has entered what pilots call “God Speed”. The speed of light, plus a bit, the speed at which the universe moves.

Wishing all the very best, and once again, Cal so appreciated the good wishes, they meant a lot.

Smoking is unhealthy

43-60% of cancers of the esophagus, larynx and oral cavity are caused by smoking.

(Source: Kræftens Bekæmpelse). 


Red is good

Eat tomatoes - the best result is achieved when cooked in vegetable oil for example as a tomato sauce.

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