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There are 3 factors that influence your mentality, namely: Information, inspiration and motivation.

INFORMATION gives you the tools and the knowledge you need to be able to make good choices in regards to exercise, diet, sleep and mentality. It is also important to understand why all four of the 4 small ones are important and how you can create a synergistic effect between them. Without the right information you are bound to run into challenges.

INSPIRATION means ”to be mentally stimulated or awakened by something or someone.” Inspiration makes information speak to our emotions rather than our intellect. And emotions are the foundation for motivation. Because, information is worthless if it does not stick – and if you do not use it. Inspiration might come from books, stories or movies but the strongest form of inspiration is the one we experience when we are emotionally touched by another human being.

MOTIVATION controls everything! It is an emotion that comes from within. It is affected by a score of external factors and by our actions and moods. Motivation and action walks hand in hand! But sometimes, circumstances might affect your ability to act even if you are highly motivated. That might happen during cancer. Not everybody will have the energy or chance to do what Cal has done and continues to do. But make an effort with the resources at your disposal in your life. You cannot do or expect more from yourself.

This site will continually bring inspiration and information to you in the form of videos with Chris and Cal.


Nutrition and cancer

Scientific work shows that there is a well-founded suspicion of the importance of the diet when it comes to the development of cancer.

(Source: Kræftens Bekæmpelse)


Eat C-vitamin

Eat citrusfruit everyday - lemon, oranges, grape or mandarin

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